Mission Statement:                            It is the mission of the Pike County Sheriff's Office to safeguard lives, protect the property of the citizens, and reduce crime and fear of crime. All the while holding ourselves to the highest level of ethical standards and to maintain public confidence.

Goals & Strategies:

1.  To reduce Part 1 Crime by 5%

2.  To cultivate, enhance, and foster trustworthy      

      relationships with the community, other

      law enforcement agencies.

3.  To participate in community policing.



1. To reduce the of crimes associated with illegal

     narcotics activities.

2. To provide safe communitites and schools for Pike


3.  To reduce the fear of crime in our community.

4.  To increase the quality of life for all citizens   Pike County through the reduction of crime.


Core Values:

1. Service to our community

2. Respect for the law

3. Commitment to leadership

4. Integrity within the Pike County Sheriff's Office

5. Respect for our citizens

6. Constantly improving in all areas

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Suite 204
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